Consider Faith Based Counseling Services

Faith support is designed to assist an individual in developing their spirituality as an integral part of their recovery from addiction. If you know someone struggling with addiction, help them find a Spiritual Counselor who encourages patients to overcome addiction by covering practices and principles such as establishing a relationship with a higher power, identifying a sense of purpose and mission in one's life, achieving serenity and peace of mind, balancing one's body, mind, and spirit, and utilizing spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation, and yoga. This facet of counseling focuses on ubiquitous spiritual principles and practices, rather than specific religious convictions and beliefs. Spiritual support includes many different types of recovery support services that incorporate faith and specific religious beliefs and convictions (according to the needs and wants of those in attendance), as well as in the recovery process. Faith-based counseling can be performed in a group or individual setting. Most group and individual sessions should be expected to last roughly 60 minutes in duration.

How can I do that?
1. Visit the TN Department of Mental Health's Recovery Support Services page.
2. Click on the Addiction Recovery Program Providers list to view a list of certified spiritual counselors.