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Display the Tennessee REDLINE Number

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The Tennessee Redline number (1-800-889-9789) is a toll-free information and referral line that provides accurate drug problem and addiction information to all citizens of Tennessee upon request. Treatment and other program referrals are made through the REDLINE phone number. Callers are provided with at least 3 referral sources when possible. REDLINE staff do not conduct therapy or counseling with the caller or substance user. Staff members are able to provide information to put callers in touch with professionals who will provide a diagnosis, prognosis or assessment of the mental or physical health of the substance user. The REDLINE strives to provide the caller with specific referrals based on their particular needs.

Law enforcement vehicles are seen by all civilians at any given time or day. This makes them optimal resources for displaying the REDLINE number to everyone within their jurisdiction.

How can I do that?

Contact your local law enforcement agency to see if they can place stickers with the Redline number on their patrol vehicles.


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 Need Help? Need A Referral To Treatment? Call the TN Redline: