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Educate Your Community on Addiction

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Activity Description

First responders are highly respected authority figures throughout the community. Door-to-door educational campaigns involving the police and fire department allow for community involvement and local participation. Being able to reach as many people as possible without overloading them with information, will allow the education to reach its full potential.

How do I do that?

  1. Prepare handouts, giveaways (i.e., pencils, magnets, etc. with imprinted motto or contact information)
  2. Schedule a day for the door-to-door campaign. Saturday mornings are usually a good time to catch people at home. Alternatively, first responders could be present at the entrance/exit to local Walmart, Kroger, etc. on a Saturday morning.
  3. Engage with members of the community and provide handouts, giveaways, etc. and answer questions regarding drug education.


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