Engage your State and Congressional Representatives

Your community may be impacted by legislation that is proposed by state or federal lawmakers. If you have an opinion regarding a bill, you can write your representative and convey your opposition or support for a particular piece of proposed legislation.

The Tennessee General Assembly has a "Find My Legislator" tool on its website. When you enter your address an interactive map will identify your Senate District, Senator, House District, and House Representative. Your Senator and Representative are elected officials who represent the interests of the people living in their specific district. The Tennessee General Assembly has a page devoted to helping Tennesseeans understand the best way to engage their elected representatives.

How can I do that?
1. Find out who your representative is in the Tennessee General Assembly and in  the United States Congress.
2. Get your Senator and Repreentatives contact information by accessing the Tennessee Senators and Representatives Listings on the Tennessee General Assembly’s website.
3. Monitor bills that your Senator or Representative is associated with, that you think need their attention, or that are being voted on by keeping up with the Tennessee General Assembly's Calendars for committee and floor action.
4. Contact your Senator or Representative before action is taken on the bill. (This step is very important.) 
5. Make your case. Many Tennesseeans write letters in support or opposition to a particular bill. However, telephone calls are just as welcome, and in-person meetings can prove quite impactful. Describe to them how this specific bill will impact you, your family, or your community. Give facts to support your position. Be reasonable with your requests, and always remain respectful of your elected official's time, opinions, and position.