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Host a Candlelight Vigil

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Activity Description

A candlelight vigil is an event where people gather, light candles, and show their support. There are many reasons to organize a candlelight vigil for the opioid crisis, including to raise awareness for the crisis, to draw media attention to the opioid crisis, to show support to families or individuals dealing with opioid addiction, to pay tribute to the deceased, or to quietly protest injustices. The main point of a candlelight vigil is to provide a quiet and comfortable setting where groups of people can meet, support each other, and spread a message.

How can I do that?

  1. Gather like-minded people who can volunteer to help organize the vigil and support the cause. Also, gather individuals who would be willing to speak to the crowd about the crisis, willing to share their story, or share poems or prayer at the vigil.
  2. Choose a place for the vigil to be held that is easy for people to find, such a centrally located public park or inside a community center.
  3. Settle on a date and time that will be appropriate for optimal participation and for the candlelight to make an impact, usually right after dusk.
  4. Spread the word: use posters, social media, news outlets, emailing, press releases, calling, newspaper advertising, and word of mouth to get the max amount of participants, and media if desired, to your vigil.
  5. Order candles for the event to pass out to participants.


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