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Host a Graduation from Treatment Event

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A narcotic treatment center should provide adequate medical, counseling, vocational, educational, mental health assessment, and social services for patients enrolled in the opioid treatment process with the goal of the individual becoming free of opioid dependency. Finishing a program for treating opioid addiction is a very exciting step for someone recovering from addiction, and it should be celebrated as such. To show your support for an individual recovering from addiction, throwing a graduation party to celebrate that they finished a program at a treatment center is a great idea!

How can I do that?

  1. Depending on the scale of the party, a location should be chosen to host the party. A lot of treatment centers will allow you to use a room on site, as well as community centers.
  2. Decide how involved you want your party to be. Here are a few suggestions for things that can be included: food, drinks, graduation caps, mock diplomas, and gifts. Those are just a few of the many possible elements your party could have.
  3. Check out this website to learn more and for ideas:


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