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Host a Recovery Support Group

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Activity Description

Support groups play a fundamental role on the road to recovery. Gathering with others offers encouragement, guidance and accountability Groups can be made up of individuals who are working toward the same 12-step goals, see the same therapy team, or share the same faith.


  • Who will be involved/ who are group leaders?
  • Who will be your contact person? Someone individuals can contact if interested in the group.
  • Are meetings open or closed? Most commonly meetings are open to the community.
  • Location / Time / Day. Most groups meet in the evening hours.
  • What will be your official launch date?

Before launching:

  • You may want to seek additional training.
  • We recommend you practice at least one session.
  • Advertise your group! You can do this through church and community bulletin boards or social media.

After official launch

  • Debrief and consider pros and cons


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