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Host an Addiction Science Fair (Middle School and High School)

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When making a science fair project, a topic is thoroughly researched in an effort to learn more about it. Then, a problem is identified and an effort is made to find a solution to that problem, or simply do more research and effectively communicate it. This gives students an opportunity to learn about a topic on their own, and delve deeper into it.

Most science fairs are broken down into categories. If you are unable to host a specific addiction or opioid crisis science fair, adding both of those as categories would ensure some entries.

The science of addiction is diverse, and includes any research that contributes to the understanding of addiction and its health consequences. This includes: understanding who abuses drugs and why, basic biology like genetics, brain structure and function, behavior that can lead to drug abuse or addiction, prevention and treatment, and health services research.

How can I do that?


As a teacher, this can be an individual class project, where all students participate.


As a parent, you can suggest to administrators or to parent/teacher organizations host a school wide addiction or substance use science fair.


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