Host a Youth Mock Senate

Mock senate/ model congress events give students the chance to engage and educate themselves on real topics concerning their communities.

These simulations can range in complexity allowing a wide range of ages to participate. They can be hosted at school or within the community. Exercises like these teach children that they can make a difference.


While there are many topics to choose from consider the theme of substance misuse prevention/education.


  • Addiction/ Drug Use
  • Needle Exchange
  • Mental Health Care

Criminal Law/ Justice System:

  • Prision Reform
  • Educate and Train Prisioners
  • Mandatory Sentencing for Drug Crimes
  • 3 Stikes Law
  • Rehabiliation for Drug Crime Offenders
  • Drug Cartels

Social Welfare/ Social Issues

  • Homelessness
  • Welfare Fraud
  • Drug Testing
  • Poverty

For more details on mock senate rules and preperation please review the resources listed below.