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Join a Natural High Club (High School)

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Founded in 1994 by Jon Sundt in response to the loss of his two younger brothers to addiction, Natural High has a vision of every kid growing up to pursue their own natural high and learning to do life well. The program focuses on education and character and goal development for young people. Students often look up to athletes and celebrities, and Natural High uses this to their advantage by showcasing celebrities and athletes who choose to live naturally high.

Don’t be fooled though. Natural High is far from a celeb-filled marketing campaign. The basis for the program is rooted in Reasoned Action Approach, Social Norms Theory, Sparks Theory, 40 Developmental Assets and the 16 Prevention Principles. A resource page for educators connects them to activities and videos that can be broken down by length, student interest, speakers, knowledge depth (of the subject) and modalities for use in their classrooms. Students can get involved of their own initiative by visiting the 'Students' section of the Natural High website. They can make a Natural High club on their school campus, become a part of the youth leadership team or take the pledge to live naturally high. This building of community and engagement helps maintain students’ interest while informing them of alternatives to substance misuse.

How can I do that?

If you are a middle school or high school student…

  1. Ask your teacher if they would be willing to sponsor a Natural High club on campus.
  2. When you have a teacher that will sponsor your club, fill out Natural High’s ‘Start a Natural High Club’ form

If you are an educator…

Fill out Natural High’s ‘Begin Teaching Natural High' form. 


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