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Join or Create a Prevention Group

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Many high schools and colleges are requires to meet certain prevention policy requirements. Students can help by joining an already existing prevention group or collaborating with school officials to create their own. Prevention groups works to educate and spread awareness by connecting students to resources available in their community.

Once a prevention group is established faculty and students can work together to:

  • Host educational/informational events-Post informational print material
  • Invite guest speakers (Lifeline Peer Project, local coalitions, ect...)
  • Participate in Count It, Lock It, Drop It events
  • Team with local coalitions for ideas and support
  • Participate in National Drugs and Alcohol Facts Week-Participate in National Drugs and Alcohol Chat Day-Host a film screening
  • Hold Q and A seminars

These are just a few examples of what can be done around your school or college campus!