Learn the Warning Signs of Substance Abuse

Prescription drug abuse symptoms can vary depending on the classification (type) of drug being abused. The three most commonly abused types of prescription drugs are: opioids, stimulants and anti-anxiety medications/sedatives. It is important that you know the signs, so that you can better recognize when someone you love has a problem. Early intervention can save their life and potentially keep them from getting a criminal record. Persons struggling with opioid addiction span all races, sex, gender, age and socioeconomic backgrounds. Even though some are better at hiding their addictions than others, they might share some of the same warning signs.

How can I do that?
Visit the Mayo Clinic's website to see what specific signs they have listed. The Tennessee Department of Mental Health's website is an excellent resource as well when educating yourself on what to look for regarding substance abuse. You will be better prepared to talk to your family about addiction and substance abuse, and you will know what to be on the lookout for if the situation ever arises.