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Neutralize and Dispose of Medications with Stat-Medicament Disposal

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Stat-Med has a new approach on how to safely remove unneeded and unwanted pharmaceuticals from our community’s streets and homes.

With Stat-Med Safe Drug Disposal Kiosk you can watch the drugs being neutralized when they are emptied into clear acrylic see-through Kiosk. Once the drugs are dissolved, they are rendered harmless. They do not need to be monitored or policed in any way. When the drug container is full, it is replaced with another container, while the full container is then mailed back to Stat-Med, where we send it off to be burned for electrical energy.

Because medications are neutralize on the spot, the Safe Drug Disposal Kiosk can be placed in many convenient locations.

  • hospitals
  • churches
  • veterinarian offices
  • librariesmedical office waiting rooms

Stat-Med also supplies a Safe Home Drug Disposal Bottle

This bottle has the same safe solution that our larger Kiosk uses, and it neutralizes up to 60 pills in the convenience of your home. This removes the possibility that a child or any unauthorized person may get into the pills. Even after the Safe Home Drug Disposal Bottle is full, the contents, if accidentally swallowed, are NOT toxic.

When the bottle is full, you mail it back to Stat-Med, in the prepaid envelope that comes with the bottle, and we send you a new bottle ready to be used. This is a convenient solution for the elderly who may not drive, or for rural areas that do not have a kiosk close by.

Stat-Med will also come out to your community and take a sample of your drinking water, and have it tested for pharmaceuticals and other harmful drugs.

Stat-Med is an award-winning company and is offered to you, without using any taxpayers’ dollars or cost to your city!

For more information contact:

CEO Larry Kenemore 207 Western Hills Dr. Siloam Springs, AR. 72761 (913) 705-0983

Email: or


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