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Start a Collegiate Recovery Program on Your Campus

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Collegiate Recovery Programs (CRPs) provide peer support and community to students in recovery on college campuses.CPRs foster a positive collegiate experience for recovering students while providing the resources and tools for them to continue the journey into recovery.First, find out if your campus hosts a certified collegiate recovery program. If not consider starting a CRP on your campus!More than 150 CRPs exist or are set to launch on college campuses today because a student, faculty or staff member started the conversation!

Steps for creating a CRP:

  1. Start the conversation
  2. Build support
  3. Raise awareness
  4. Raise funds
  5. Develop the program

Download the guide for students in recovery for more details.Reach out to the Association of Recovery in Higher Education. This organization has representatives who can help you make a plan for getting started.


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