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Start a Residential Treatment Center in Your Area

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Those seeking residential care don’t qualify for hospitalization, but would benefit from a 24-hour treatment facility. Many residential treatment centers use the Therapeutic Community model. This model’s focus is on the entire community.  It is structured with activities and therapy designed to help residents examine and challenge long held negative beliefs and concepts which leads to destructive patterns of behavior. That way they can form new, positive and constructive thought patterns and ways of interacting with others. This supportive environment provides an opportunity for the resident to address the psychological and social aspects of their addiction. Emphasis is placed on personal accountability and responsibility as well.

Treatment Centers can be modified to specifically serve a target group or simply include services that can assist adolescents, women, the homeless, people with mental disorders and individuals in the criminal justice system.

How can I do that?

Checkout the TN Department of Mental Health's Licensure page from their website.


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