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Start a SADD Club (Middle School and High School)

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With its expansion of focus to include destructive decisions (substance abuse, violence, suicide, negative body image, etc.), SADD creates, equips and sustains a network of student-run chapters focused on peer-to-peer, evidence based education. They accomplish this through prevention programs and practices which are updated based on current scientific research and by sharing youth voices and perspectives on issues and laws or policies that involve the education, culture, health, safety and treatment of youth. SADD is an inclusive and respectful organization that fosters a sense of belonging. They welcome all youth seeking support for healthy development, and encourage active youth participation and leadership. Youth voices are sought out, strengthened, shared, and affirmed. SADD believe young people’s health and safety is improved through positive peer-to-peer interactions, healthy relationships with caring adults, and collaboration with other organizations that support youth.

How can I do that?

  1. Visit the SADD website to see what you will need in order to complete the SADD Chapter Registration Form.
  2. Download the "Chapter Power Start Up Kit" to assist you in developing the program at your school or within your community.


Chapters must register at the beginning of each school year. Annual Registration DEADLINE: August 1 – July 30


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