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STEM Students Incorporating Opioid Issues

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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math students from all over the world are being challenged to tackle real-life issues within their classrooms. Certain student entrepreneurs are taking their projects and going beyond their universities to get patents and work with companies to make their ideas a reality.

The opioid crisis is on ongoing issue in communities across Tennessee and the United States. STEM students are working to make positive steps to help solve opioid related issues.

An aspiring engineer from NYU Tandon, Artin Perse, is a great example of someone seeking to make an impact. His creation: a locking, tamper-resistant pill bottle equipped with a timing mechanism, which can be set to dispense only the dosage determined by the prescribing physician.

Could you or a bright student you know be the next prominent STEM designer?

How can I do that?

As a teacher, when challenging your students to make a solution for a problem, make a more specific project by incorporating the opioid epidemic.

This can be used as an opportunity to educate your students on the opioid crisis, as well as potentially stimulate the creation of future products or designs that apply to the opioid epidemic.


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