Mental Health and Recovery: How the Church Can Help

People recover from addiction every day. Families are rebuilt. Lives are restored. But recovery rarely happens in a vacuum. It takes a community willing to stand beside the person, to support them, and to help lead them out of the darkness.

The State of Tennessee Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services has launched an exciting, new mission partnering with faith-based communities across the state. Together, we are building a recovery network comprised of compassionate and concerned citizens who are reaching out to those struggling with addictions and connecting them to vital substance abuse services. Your congregation can join this effort.

Attendees will...

Learn about the disease of addiction and understand what recovery is and how both affect the community and how it may be affecting members of your congregation.

Learn about resources in the region and their own community to support their congregation and community members struggling with addiction.

Learn about the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network and the resources available for suicide prevention in the community.

Have the opportunity to apply as a Certified Recovery Church OR Faith-Based Organization in the State of Tennessee.