Recovery Roundtable: Incorporating Supports into Recovery Supports

This course will provide a review of various components of the Recovery Support system – in particular in the vicinity of the Roundtable location. The licensure, contracting and certification processes that affect service access will be reviewed – such as rules for recovery residences, clinical licensure standards, roles for Recovery Courts, Re-entry programs and Certified Congregation program from Tennessee Department Mental Health Substance Abuse Services (TDMHSAS).

Presenters will include Mary Linden Salter, LCSW who will review the disease model of addiction, provider licensure to clarify the purpose and process for individuals in recovery. National Association of Recovery Residences (NARR) Standards will be reviewed by Daryl Murray, TNARR Board Member. Monty Burks will discuss the TDMHSAS statewide special project connecting local congregations and recovery support services. TDMHSAS staff will review the roles of the court and re-entry.

Service providers discussing the services provided in the region will follow. They will discuss how to access those services as well. The service discussion at the Roundtables is expected to highlight programs that are in place but that also can be enhanced or developed in the region.

Break out discussion groups will follow the panel to review problematic service access issues in the community such as transportation, housing, jobs, and recovery services. By highlighting what is possible programmatically, and discussing service gaps and needs, the session can be used to promote service coordination and creative ways of meeting the needs of this population.