Hamilton Co. Coalition Hosts Virtual Opioid Overdose Prevention Trainings

Mar 31,2020

One of the most impactful activities the Hamilton County Coalition provides are Opioid Overdose Prevention Trainings in conjunction with the TN Save a Life program. These trainings provide knowledge on the signs and symptoms of an overdose, and what to do in the critical moments after someone suffers an overdose - including instructions on how to use the life-saving medication Narcan. Once a training is completed, participants are provided with an Opioid Overdose Reversal Kit containing two units of Narcan.

In December 2019, the Coalition's Regional Overdose Prevention Specialists expanded their reach to provide monthly trainings in 8 different counties across Tennessee including Bradley, Grundy, Hamilton, Marion, Meigs, McMinn, Rhea and Sequatchie.

As the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the Tennessee Valley, and social distancing became the new normal, overdose numbers across the state were continuing. With that as motivation, the Hamilton County Coalition created a series of Virtual Opioid Overdose Prevention Trainings to continue providing the public and first responders with the knowledge and resources to potentially save a life.

To register for a training and obtain the meeting link, all someone has to do is visit our website (, find the training for their county, and wait for the meeting time. Once the meeting is completed, arrangements will be made with the participant to have the Opioid Overdose Reversal Kits safely delivered or picked up.

The first training for Bradley County residents was a success as 27 people were trained. Thanks to media coverage and word-of-mouth, the trainings in other counties are steadily filling up. Hopefully this won't be the normal for too long, but for now, the Hamilton County Coalition will continue finding innovative ways to provide proper knowledge and resources to communities across the state.