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Hijacked Seminar Makes Front Page News in Maryville


This was a great community service that touched around 200 people. Seven speakers talked about addiction and how it effects the brain. The emotional, spiritual, and physical aspect of addiction was addressed and an interventionist gave the audience tips on how to get your loved one the help they need. In addition, we had a community panel who answered questions about what our county is doing for prevention, what the new laws mean in regards to opioid prescriptions, and how law makers are handling the influx of crime because of the epidemic.In addition to educating the general public about addiction, I asked the men of True Purpose Ministries to prepare and serve the luncheon. I would consider myself a surrogate mom to these men. I understand the bridges they may have burned in their own families. I want to know someone believes in them and also believes in second chances. Hopefully, this event will help stop the stigma of addicts/alcoholics and all that is associated with the disease. Below I have attached an article The Daily Times published about the Hijacked event.I have also included a video that was shown during the Hijacked event.

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