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Lawrence County Hosts 2nd Annual Community Baby Shower


Seventy-five Lawrence County babies have a head start in life thanks to the second annual Community Baby Shower, held May 19 at Lawrence County High School.

Expectant mothers and those with children less than one year old received a diaper bag filled with necessities, a package of diapers, a personal gift and were eligible for door prizes.The event also offered education sessions with speakers from statewide child care agencies.

LCSAC gave "Count it! Lock it! Drop it!" information along with a lockbox.Born Drug Free TN as well as NAS information was available.Information about having conversations early about the dangers of drugs and alcohol for youth was handed out.The Health Department gave Tobacco free Baby & Me information as well!

“It was a great way to get information about how to raise a healthy baby,” one participant said. “The diapers, bag and door prizes were a big bonus.”

Everything was provided without charge thanks to a partnership of local agencies, churches and businesses.The event is sponsored by Mom’s Time Out; the Lawrence County Substance Abuse Coalition; the Lawrence County Health Department; Southern Tennessee Regional Health System – Lawrenceburg; and A Cora Christmas. Sixteen churches provided items for diaper bags; agencies and businesses that serve young families set up information booths.

Jennifer Taylor, this region’s Family Engagement Quality Coach with the Tennessee Child Care Resource & Referral Network, talked to parents about the importance of connecting with your child in a tech-savvy world. CCR&R provides resources for parents, child care educators, employers and communities and is funded through the Tennessee Department of Human Services.

Elizabeth Ball, Clinical Director for Tennessee Voices for Children, addressed the topic of raising a healthy baby and the importance of assessing needs versus wants. TVC is a coalition organized by Tipper Gore in 1990 that is a statewide and national source of referral, support, and advocacy for the emotional and behavioral health of children, young adults, and families. “I’m glad I got to be a part of the Community Baby Shower,” Ball said. “The event was so well organized and there was a great crowd. Everyone involved did a great job.”

Organizers include Kate Archer of Mom’s Time Out; Jenny Golden of LCSAC; Devin Toms, Heather Bonner, Amber Chunn and Shalyn Self of the Lawrence County Health Department; Olivia White of STRHS-Lawrenceburg; Jessica Yokley of A Cora Christmas; and Jennifer Taylor and Kelly Voss of CCR&R.

The third annual event will be held in May 2020.

Captions:Photo #1988: Lawrence County Substance Abuse Coalition Director Jenny Golden assists a mom-to-be register for door prizes at the Community Baby ShowerPhoto #1990: Participants receive a special gift specifically for their baby donated by local churches.Photo #2001: Community Baby Shower Planning Team (left to right): Jennifer Taylor, CCR&R; Shalyn Self, Lawrence Co. Health Department Breastfeeding Program; Amber Chunn, Lawrence Co. Health Department Health Educator; Jessica Yokley, A Cora Christmas; Kate Archer, Mom’s Time Out; Devin Toms, Lawrence Co. Health Department Director; and Jenny Golden, Lawrence County Substance Abuse Coalition Director.


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