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Learning How to Take Control of Your Health Naturally


I am a emotion code/ body code practitioner and a natural wellness educator. I have been teaching monthly classes open to the public called Healthy by Choice Not by Chance.On January 14th a group of 15 community members met to learn about pain management and natural healing. It is my passion to inform the public how to lead a healthy life and heal the body's' root problem before resorting to prescription medication. During this class session we learned:What foods hold anti-inflammatory properties.Essential oils that ease chronic pain and inflammation How magnetic therapy eases inflammation and aids the body in healing itselfHow to make an herbal tea blend for pain and inflammationHow trapped emotions can cause pain and emotional trauma - Emotion/Body Code  I encourage learning the many different natural options that can help the body heal itself. These things could help if you suffer from nerve pain/damage, fibromyalgia, arthritis, headaches/ migraines, back pain, joint pain, complications from diabetes, etc. Check out my website listed below for more information.


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