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Personal Development & Motivational Life Coach Resources at Rutherford Recovery Fest


I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in Rutherford Recovery Fest! I have seen first hand the perils of addiction through loved ones who have struggled. Addiction is such a insidious disease and I was joyed to see how many resources are available to those that are suffering. Addiction is not something anyone should have to walk through alone. It was a memorable experience getting to meet and talk with so many people at Rutherford Recovery Fest while being an exhibitor.

A little bit about me and what I'm all about. I'm a Personal Development & Motivational Life Coach guiding world changers, leaders and visionaries in clarifying your life mission to make lasting change.I’m passionate about challenging people to be honest about their life story to encourage forward movement and change.I’ll be your champion and your cheerleader. If you’re feeling stuck, I will push you. If you’re feeling unsure, I will help you figure out why.

If you’re tired of telling the same story and want to forge a new path, I will forge it with you.


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