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Vol State Creates Pioneer Prevention


At Vol State I fill the role of Coordinator of Student Support. The purpose of my job is to help connect our students to community resources, which we hope will help them be more successful. We created Pioneer Prevention, this covers our Sexual Assault & Harassment Policy & Substance Free Campus Policy. In addition, we are focusing on bringing awareness to issues our students struggle with. Each month we follow a national theme and host speaking events for our students to attend. These are casual conversation type speaking events, that allow our students to ask questions and share their stories if they feel safe enough to do so. So far we’ve tackled PTSD, Suicide, Substance Use/ Abuse, Domestic Violence. Our goal is to reach and support those student populations who might be at a higher risk of failing or withdrawing due to lack of support. We are providing them with resources on the front end, so that when a crisis strikes they are prepared to face it.We have done “In Their Shoes” with our local domestic violence shelter, HomeSafe. This is an interactive event that allows students to walk in the shoes of those who have experienced relationship violence.In the Spring we have arranged speaking events on Consent, Equality, Healthy Body Image/ Eating Disorders. We are also working on hosting a Wellness Fair in the Spring to bring local resources to our campus for our students. We are inviting churches, gyms, mental health counseling agencies, our LGBT resource agencies, Anti-Drug Coalition, & the Health Dept for blood pressure checks, which we hope to turn into HIV testing once we have them in a private location.


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