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Words From A Regional Overdose Prevention Specialist


As a Regional Overdose Prevention Specialist (ROPS), one of my favorite things it providing narcan to individuals in the community who are actively working to protect their friends and family from harm.

One great example of this is a young man who I meet every couple of months to give 3-5 boxes of Narcan because he lives in a community of friends and family with substance use issues. Every time we meet he explains that he is low on the Narcan from our last meeting because he is constantly distributing it to others or using it to save lives. He was once a user himself but now is in recovery and reducing the harm in his community by being a vehicle to provide this life saving drug. "These kits are saving the lives of people I love" he says to me regularly, and every life saved has the potential to recover and become a similar force for good in the community.


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