All4Knox Summit - Family/Community Sector

I recently attended the 2019 Mayors All4Knox Summit as a member of the family /community sector.

I was pleased to see how many people showed up to the event. Registration closed a week before the event took place.

Heather Starbuck, Co-founder for the Matt Adams Foundation, was the keynote speaker. Every table in the room was full during her speech. Individuals collectively stood in the doorways to hear her story. It was beautiful.

We later broke out into strategy sessions according to the sector chosen during registration. The family/community sector began our strategic planning process by identifying how the impact of the opioid crisis has affected the Knoxville community. We hope to take this targeted information and use it to formulate ideas in which we can positively educate and serve.

Families are on the ground level which means we have less red tape to cut through. Our sector needs to represent a diverse collection of backgrounds.

If you would like to join future meetings and represent Knoxville please visit the All4 Knox website.

We plan on meeting on the third Friday of every month. Together we can bring new ideas and resources to the table.