Chattanooga Fire Department Joins the Fight Against PTSD Among First Responders with The 303 Project

The 303 Project, an organization dedicated to helping First Responders and their families with PTSD, received support from the Chattanooga Fire Department. The department showed its backing by having many members sign their names on a flag that will be delivered to the Murfreesboro Fire Rescue Department. The flag will eventually reach the Capitol's steps by the end of February.

The 303 Project was founded in memory of Dustin Samples, a former Police Officer and Fire Department Captain who battled PTSD and sadly took his own life in 2020. Samples' wife, Jenifer Samples, and a colleague started The 303 Project to honor his memory and advocate for mental health. The number 303 comes from Captain Samples' badge number, which inspired the organization's name.

They created the James "Dustin" Sample Act, which proposes making PTSD a work-related injury for full-time firefighters/paramedics in Tennessee. This bill would offer financial assistance, time off, and early treatment to prevent the long-term effects of untreated PTSD.