Lauderdale Co Participates in Take Back Day

Lauderdale Co. residents turn in 50 lbs. of unused & expired medications this past Fall Take Back Day. Citizens came out, and 70 Lock Boxes were given out for home use along with information from "COUNT IT LOCK IT DROP IT”.

As well as a huge community success, an elderly lady came to Take Back Day escorted by her daughter and great-granddaughter. The medications she turned in were all she had left in the house from her late husband’s death in June 2022. As she approached the drop boxes, she started crying and stated that it was all she had left in the house with his name on it. 

The Prevention Alliance of Lauderdale County also participated in Red Ribbon Week, where they gave a presentation and ribbon to over 850 youth in the Primary, Elementary, and Middle School levels. 

This past Halloween, Xavier Andrews, the director of the Prevention Alliance of Lauderdale, dressed up as the Hulk, where the theme was “Hulk is strong because Hulk is a drug.” They took 900 youth by the booth and had over 60 pictures taken of all ages with the message about being drug-free and reaching their goals.