Marshall County Prevention Coalition Town Hall

On February 9th, 2023, Marshall County Coalition provided information and resources available to Marshall County regarding drug misuse and prevention at the Marshall County Rec Center. They aim to bring awareness and collaborate with local agencies to help in developing a coalition to provide preventive education for the area.

They had presenters talk about the vaping & tobacco problems, suicide prevention, what happens to the brain with addiction, mental health and substance & alcohol abuse. They also had food donated by their local McDonalds, Taco Bell, Kroger, Sonic & IGA.

Some participants include:

A Step Ahead, Buffalo Balley, Center for Family Development, Haven of Hope, Homeland Security-Human Trafficking, Marshall Medical Seniors, Narcan Information, Pregnancy Resource Center, Tn Lifeline Peer Recovery, SOCAT Family Support, South Central Immunization, SperoHealth, TnStrong Marshall  County youth Group, Suicide Prevention, Marshall County Youth Services, Sexual Assault Center.