Host a Poster Contest

Encourage students to participate in an opioid awareness poster contest.
Hosting a poster contest is a way to creatively educate students and their peers about the importance of prevention and available resources.
1. Choose a theme or topic.
“Count it, Lock it, Drop it”

2. Create rules and guidelines
What is the targeted age group?
Any creation guidlines? Size, digital, handdrawn etc…
Can students work in groups?
How will winners be chosen?
What is the prize?

3. Consider posting winners to social media platforms.
View the resources listed below to find poster contest examples.

Host a Youth Mock Senate

Mock senate/ model congress events give students the chance to engage and educate themselves on real topics concerning their communities.
These simulations can range in complexity allowing a wide range of ages to participate. They can be hosted at school or within the community. Exercises like these teach children that they can make a difference.

While there are many topics to choose from consider the theme of substance misuse prevention/education.
Addiction/ Drug Use
Needle Exchange
Mental Health Care
Criminal Law/ Justice System:
Prision Reform
Educate and Train Prisioners
Mandatory Sentencing for Drug Crimes
3 Stikes Law
Rehabiliation for Drug Crime Offenders
Drug Cartels
Social Welfare/ Social Issues
Welfare Fraud
Drug Testing
For more details on mock senate rules and preperation please review the resources listed below.

Introduce Opioid Education in the Workplace

Addiction takes a massive toll on workers, their families, communities, and our society. Opioid addiction, in particular, does not discriminate and can affect even high functioning and successful workers.
Opioid misuse rates are high in industries where workers have physically demanding jobs, perform repetitive motions, or spend long periods of time on their feet. Chemical dependency can impact an employee’s job performance and threaten the safety of both the employee and their co-workers. Supporting treatment is the right thing for both the employee and the company.
Introducing workplace opioid education can help reduce stigma and allow prevention/recovery resources to be easily shared.
Train supervisors to spot signs of addiction.
Inform your workplace about the dangers of prescription medications.
Educate employees on resources available to them and their families.
Create an open and safe environment