Trauma-Informed Care of Youth & Adults Contending with Substance Abuse

TARCP is pleased to have Dr. Joseph Spinazzola, Ph.D., for our Trauma-Informed Training to address the important topic of trauma-informed care for youth and adults contending with substance abuse.

This full-day workshop will guide participants through an in-depth exploration of the complex effects of trauma on mind and body for children and adults, with emphasis on the intersections of trauma, addiction, and other risk trajectories. Featuring a rich blend of didactic presentation, audience interaction and experiential learning, this workshop will synthesize neuroscientific and applied clinical research, highlight leading evidence-based practices, and introduce cutting edge intervention approaches for youth and adults grappling with the legacy of trauma. Participants will leave equipped with several new resources-- including screening tools, clinical exercises, and worksheets-- that will enhance their capacity to serve substance-abusing youth and adults more effectively, whether in the context of psychotherapy or trauma-informed psychosocial intervention with individuals, families or groups. This course is for clinicians.

Because NAADAC is an Approved Provider, they will be providing CEUs.

This project is funded under a Grant Contract with the State of Tennessee, Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.